Direct Carrier Billing - Tola Mobile

Mobile money, made simple

In Africa, more people use mobile phones than have bank accounts. Tola Mobile gives you a simple and secure way to connect with this growing and valuable customer base.

We work by enabling merchant businesses to take and make payments directly from Mobile Operator Wallets. Customers deposit funds in their Mobile Money Wallet and then use them with any Tola-enabled merchant business.

Our technology has processed more than 500 million transactions equating to funds worth over $250 million, making us the fastest growing mobile wallet integration technology provider in sub-Saharan Africa.

The mobile wallet ecosystem has grown significantly within the African market as consumers and merchants look for faster and more resilient ways to make and receive payments. Given the exponential growth of the wallet adoption and business enablement, Tola Mobile anticipates to be processing one million daily transactions within the next 12 months.

Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay, payment processing solution


Easy to implement and easy to use, Tola Mobile adds value for everyone involved in mobile wallets - merchant, MNO and consumer

Direct Carrier Billing security - Mobilepay, SMS


The Tola platform securely connects many merchant businesses to multiple MNO Wallet infrastructures, while providing complete transactional integrity

Direct Carrier Billing for the Unbanked


Get direct access to 1 billion unbanked people in Africa who use mobile money to pay for goods and services