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Direct Carrier Billing

Tola Mobile is a mobile payment service provider, which is located in the UK and Africa. We take the hassle, cost and risk out of buying goods and services by allowing consumers to pay directly from their mobile phone.

Mobile Payments

With our mobile payment products, customers can simply charge transactions to an e-wallet or phone account. We make it easy for merchants and mobile network operators to capitalise on the latest technology and deliver the best customer experience – without requiring costly IT investment.

We’re the fastest-growing mobile payment provider in Africa thanks to Tola Wallet, and are rapidly expanding in the UK with Tola MobilePay. Learn how we can help you enter and find new markets and customers, which will open up opportunities to drive revenue.

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Easy to implement and easy to use, Tola solutions add value for everyone involved in mobile payments – merchant, MNO and consumer.

Direct Carrier Billing security - Mobilepay, SMS


Tola products use real-time verification – customers receive an SMS with a one-time PIN when they check out.

Direct Carrier Billing for the Unbanked


Get direct access to 1 billion unbanked people in Africa who use mobile phones to pay for goods and services – giving them a streamlined customer journey, which increases your conversion rate.

Tola Mobile - Tola Wallet

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Reach billions of customers without bank accounts

In Africa, more people use mobile phones than have bank accounts. Tola Wallet gives you a simple and secure way to connect with this growing and valuable customer base.

It works by enabling merchants to take payments directly from mobile operator wallets. Customers deposit funds in their account and then use them to buy from any Tola-enabled merchant.

Our technology has processed more than 100 million transactions equating to funds worth over $75 million, making us one of the fastest growing mobile payment intermediaries in Africa.

Tola Mobilepay Tola Mobilepay

Give customers a seamless online payment experience

In the UK, Tola MobilePay allows customers to pay for goods and services on your website, mobile or app using their mobile phone.

We’re an FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution, and through our eMoney licence, we supply a straightforward, API-driven mobile payment method. There’s no need for merchants to collect customer credit card or bank information. When consumers reach your payment screen, consumers simply enter their mobile number to receive a verification code by SMS.

It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to improve the customer experience.

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Our customers


We help you increase sales by reaching new customers, offering a better experience and increasing shopping cart conversion rates by up to 700%.

Mobile network operators

Tola's Mobile solutions help you boost loyalty, helps you to unlock new revenue streams, reduces distribution costs and builds a value-added service for your customers.


There is no complicated account set up, no entering lengthy credit card or bank details – all you need is your mobile phone number to buy online quickly and securely.

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Tola growth in Africa

The mobile payment ecosystem has grown significantly within the African market as consumers and merchants look for faster and more resilient ways to make and receive payments. Given the exponential growth of the marketplace, Tola Mobile anticipates to be processing one million monthly transactions in the region within the next 12 months