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Cookie Notice

This notice is designed to help you understand what cookies are, how TOLA uses them and the choices you have with regards to their use.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent and stored on a website user’s browser or hard drive or other device when you visit a website. This allows the website to recognise you as a user for either the duration of your visit (session cookie) or for repeat visits (persistent cookie).

Cookies are not harmful and do not contain any personal data like home address, date of birth or credit card information. You can find more information about cookies at:

For a video about cookies visit .

How Does TOLA Use Cookies?

When you access the TOLA website or contact Customer Support through our web site, our web server will send a cookie to the device you are accessing the website through. Our Customer Support site uses session cookies containing encrypted information to allow the system to uniquely identify you while you are logged in. This information allows us to process your online data and requests.

Session cookies help us make sure you are who you say you are after you have logged in.
Persistent cookies, which only we can read and use, help us to identify the fact that you are a TOLA customer or prior site visitor.

We also may from time to time engage third parties to track and analyse non-personally identifiable usage and volume statistical information from visitors to our website to help us administer our website and improve its quality. Such third parties may use cookies to help track visitor behaviour. Such cookies will not be used to associate individual website visitors to any personally identifiable information. All data collected by such third parties on our behalf is used only to provide us with information on site usage and is not shared with any other third parties.

Can I Turn Off Cookies?

Yes. You are entitled to disable the cookies used on our website. Users who disable their browser’s ability to accept cookies will be able to browse the TOLA website but will not be able to successfully use certain Customer Support features.

It is also possible to configure your browser to reject cookies by modifying the browser settings or preferences. If you wish to do so, we recommend you consult the information provided in the browser or contact the browser vendor for help or instructions.