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The simple way to buy online using your mobile phone - Consumers


Imagine making an online purchase without having to type in a long credit card number and billing address, and without having to go through that annoying security process (with a password you never remember).

With Tola, you buy simply by entering your mobile phone number and a verification code you get by SMS. Type in just a few numbers – without being redirected away from the shop’s website – and you’re checked out and on your way.

Do you know how easy it is to find out your available phone credit?

Mobilepay - Robust security for consumers

Robust security

Real-time SMS verification ensures every purchase is safe

Merchants never store any of your personal information

Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay, payment processing solution

Fast online checkout

You’re not taken away from the merchant website, and you don’t have to enter in lots of numbers, information or passwords – just your mobile number

Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay, payment processing solution

Ways to track your spending

With Tola Wallet, you track everything through your mobile provider. The Tola MobilePay Customer Portal lets you monitor and categorise spending and export transactions.