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Alternative payment solution for you and your customers to pay by phone - Merchants

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Every day, 6.8 billion people worldwide shop online using their mobile phone. And although mobile accounts for more than 45% of global ecommerce traffic, it only drives 27% of purchases. In other words, mobile conversion rates are low.

It’s cumbersome entering payment details on a phone – tapping in the credit card number, expiry date, CCV2 and billing address, not to mention the 3D secure password. This hassle is a major cause of shopping cart abandonment and lost revenue.

Plus, consider consumers worldwide who don’t have bank accounts. In Africa alone, 1 billion unbanked people have mobile phones, and you can reach that valuable customer base with the right mobile payment technology.

Learn how our solutions make it easy for customers to pay on the move securely, boosting your mobile conversion rates by up to 700% compared to credit card payments with an alternative payment solution

Simple API

Simple API

Keep customers on your website and give them a seamless checkout experience

No hosted pages, redirection or iFrames – it’s on your site and in your branding

Integrate seamlessly with major network operators

Easy to implement

Easy for you to implement

Full support from our onboarding team

‘Pay by Mobile’ and ‘Pay by SMS’ don’t come with hidden charges, fees or fines

No time-consuming annual security audits or certification processes

Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay, payment processing solution

Easy for your customers to use

Customers only need their mobile phone number to check out

No PAN, expiry date, CCV2, billing address or digits of a long-forgotten password

They get an SMS confirmation for each purchase and can view all spending

Direct Carrier Billing security - Mobilepay, SMS


The only method with real-time authorisation – the consumer is validated and the payment authenticated within the payment mechanism process

No personal details required or stored

No need for tokenisation

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