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Simple mobile payments that increase customer loyalty

Tola’s simple mobile payment solutions make it easy to increase your ARPU while building loyalty with a notoriously fickle and transient user base with direct carrier billing.

Of the many mobile payment options on offer, Tola offers the best opportunity for MNOs to generate mobile revenue and enhance your offering by moving into the e-money market.

customer base

Retain your customer base

Add value by offering more payment options

Providing simple mobile payment options helps reduce the volume of customers who switch

Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay

Increase ARPU

Generate income from mobile payments

Evolve your revenue model based on current customer behaviour

easier payment option - seamless payment

Offer an easier payment option

Boost customer satisfaction

Fit in with consumers’ mobile lifestyles

Operator Partners

Tola Mobile has relationships with a number of mobile operators in the UK and overseas

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Tola Wallet

Reach unbanked customers across Africa with this simple mobile wallet solution.

Tola Mobilepay

Boost online conversion rates by making it easy for customers to pay by mobile phone.

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