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About Tola Mobile

If  we were to describe who we are in a sentence, we’d say, ‘Tola are a mobile payment service provider.’ But that phrase is full of benefits for everyone involved in mobile transactions – merchants, network operators and consumers, costs charged to mobile phone bill – mobile carrier billing.

Our parent company is Oxygen8, a global provider of payment and communications solutions for more than 15 years. In 2015, Oxygen8 spun its international mobile division out into Tola, and we’ve been helping companies with mobile payments ever since.

Our products take the hassle, cost and risk out of paying for goods and services by phone. Merchants sell more because it’s simpler for customers to buy on the move. Mobile network operators expand their offering and boost loyalty. And consumers have an easier, more trustworthy way to pay.

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Ready to expand your customer base, boost loyalty and drive revenue? Let’s talk about how Tola’s simple mobile payment solutions will help.

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Bring Your Products & Services to New Markets

Tola’s simple API is easy to deploy and use, which is why we’re one of the fastest growing mobile payment providers in Africa – where more people have mobile phones than bank accounts.

We’ve since expanded operations to more than 30 countries. Thanks to our experience, technology, status as an FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution, PhonepayPlus accreditation and partnerships, we have a particular expertise helping companies reach new customers in developed and emerging markets.

The Tola team have a very in-depth knowledge of mobile payments and are very easy to engage with during the different integration phases. We look forward to working with Tola as we continue to enhance our mobile commerce product development and the billing options available to our customers.

Tola ensures a smooth process. They get what could be a major headache dealing with multiple suppliers out of the way very quickly, enabling any company to focus on the rest of their business priorities.

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Reach unbanked customers across Africa with this simple mobile wallet solution.

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Boost online conversion rates by making it easy for customers to pay by mobile phone.