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Think about Uber’s success – the taxi-hailing app is valued at $18 billion and has disrupted the market with its mobile-based approach to travel.

Tola payment solutions help you capitalise on these lucrative market trends by catering to an increasingly mobile-savvy audience. By offering your customers an easy way for payment by mobile for travel on their mobile phones, you offer a better experience and gain a competitive advantage. You also have access to African markets, where more people have mobile phones than bank accounts – and have growing amounts of disposable income to spend on travel.

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Case studies

Read how we've helped take the hassle, cost and risk out of buying goods and services by allowing consumers to pay directly from their mobile phone.

100 Million transactions

100 million

Mobile transactions administered by Tola products

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$75 million

Worth of funds processed by Tola products

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How does it work?

The Tola team have a very in-depth knowledge of mobile payments and are very easy to engage with during the different integration phases. We look forward to working with Tola as we continue to enhance our mobile commerce product development and the billing options available to our customers.

Tola ensures a smooth process. They get what could be a major headache dealing with multiple suppliers out of the way very quickly, enabling any company to focus on the rest of their business priorities.

Darren Glover, Mkekabet

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