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Mobile Network

Tola works on behalf of individual merchant’s, providing them with Wallet integration services utilizing a single API for multiple Wallet technologies

We abstract any changes or API updates so any changes in the Wallet infrastructure eliminating future rework for them, and minimize downtime.

Tola will integrate multiple merchants to your Mobile Wallet infrastructure, while maintaining your visibility of their services and the interactions with your subscriber base.

You remain in control, while Tola provides the Wallet integration technology.

Tola can make it easier for merchants to on-board to your Mobile Wallet platform, Tola will undertake the integration, the merchant still operates and maintains their Paybill under direct contract with you. We don’t get involved in the flow of the money – that remains between the subscriber and the merchant business, but delivers for you as operator of the Mobile Wallet technology.

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Extend your reach

Introduce more subscribers to Mobile Money, as their only form of digital payment

Tola’s technology extends to every GSM handset

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Increased Mobile Wallet transaction level

Each merchant integrated will add to the daily volume of transactions processed, some significantly

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Mobile Enablement

Reach new customers & markets, both for Mobile Wallet but also for merchants with mobile centric services

Operator Partners

Tola Mobile has relationships with the following mobile operators in Sub-Saharan Africa

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