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Tola wallet Tola Wallet

Easily transfer funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers

Tola Wallet makes it easy to connect with customers who don’t have bank accounts. It integrates seamlessly with merchant payment systems and mobile operator wallets, giving you a seamless way to process payments.

In Africa, our technology has processed more than 100 million transactions equating to funds worth over $75 million, making us one of the fastest growing mobile payment intermediaries on the continent.

Whether you’re offering betting services, selling fast food or marketing insurance products, we give you a simple, secure and streamlined way to reach customers with SMS phone billing

Individual Purchases

Customers can use Tola Wallet to top-up airtime, buy goods and services, pay bills and transfer money to other people.

Merchant Payments

Our API makes it easy for merchants to process payments, individually or for bulk disbursements like payroll and pensions.


Customers can create an account and use their Tola Wallet simply by sending an SMS to a 5-digit shortcode.

Website & App Integration

It’s easy to integrate Tola Wallet into your website and mobile app to give customers a simpler way to pay.

USSD Integration

Our API captures payments and routes them to the merchant’s ecommerce platform.

Tola Mobilepay Tola Mobilepay

Seamless payment experience, direct from your mobile.

Tola MobilePay allows customers to pay for goods and services on your site using their mobile phone.

Instead of having to enter tedious credit card information, consumers just enter their mobile number on your payment screen. Then they receive a secure code by SMS, which they type into your site to complete the transaction. The charge appears on their mobile bill, and you get paid quickly from network operators.

It’s a straightforward, API-driven mobile payment method that streamlines the customer experience, reduces shopping cart abandonment and boosts your brand.


Simple Integration

The flexible API integrates with merchant sites and mobile network operators.

Robust Security

Customers enter their mobile phone and get an SMS with a PIN, which they enter to check out.

eMoney Licensed

We’re one of the few mobile payment providers that’s an FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution.

Performance & Scalability

We’ve processed more than 100 million transactions worldwide and handle millions of messages each day.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our support team manages all customer queries on your behalf – 24/7/365.

Our customers


We help you increase sales by reaching new customers, offering a better experience and increasing shopping cart conversion rates by up to 700%.

Mobile network operators

Tola solutions help you boost loyalty, unlock new revenue streams, reduce distribution costs and build a value-added service for your customers.


No complicated account setup, no entering lengthy credit card or bank details – all you need is your mobile phone number to buy online quickly and securely.