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An easy way to expand your customer base

In Africa, 1 billion people don’t use banks but do have access to a mobile phone. Tola Wallet is the fastest-growing mobile wallet solution in East Africa, using simple, secure technology to connect you to unbanked customers.

With Tola, consumers can easily make purchases using their mobile wallet – be it buying a takeaway, paying for a taxi ride or placing a bet on a game. They can also receive refunds, salary and pension payments.

Whether you’re already operating in Africa or looking to expand into new markets, Tola Wallet makes it easy to increase loyalty and drive revenue.


Our user friendly API makes it easy for consumers and merchants to send money to mobile accounts fast.


Tola Wallet uses real-time verification – customers receive an SMS with a one-time PIN when they check out.


Tola acts as a payment service provider (PSP) that enables merchants to integrate with network operators’ mobile wallets.

Our technology has processed more than 100 million transactions equating to funds worth over $75 million

Tola Wallet presents the single largest opportunity for MNOs and merchants to reach new pockets of previously unbanked consumers and those looking for alternative, more convenient methods to pay for goods and services.

– Shane Leahy, CEO, Tola Mobile

How it works


Individual Purchases

Customers can use Tola Wallet to top-up airtime, buy goods and services, pay bills and transfer money to other people.

International Remittances - 'Coming Soon'

Consumers can send funds to and from any country in minutes using Tola Wallet’s user friendly interface.

Merchant Payments

Our API makes it easy for merchants to process payments, individually or for bulk disbursements like payroll and pensions.


Customers can create an account and use their Tola Wallet simply by sending an SMS to a 5-digit shortcode

Website & App Integration - 'Coming Soon'

It’s easy to integrate Tola Wallet into your website and mobile app to give customers a simpler way to pay.

USSD Integration

Our API captures payments and routes them to the merchant’s ecommerce platform.

BetYetu products are designed for our audience’s entertainment and enjoyment, and we are committed to providing a secure, fair and socially responsible service. With the single connection to Tola, our customers have connections to multiple money providers. It’s an exciting time for us in Africa, and we look forward to growing our market share.

– Mark Robertson, BetYetu

Mkekabet offers real-time interactive betting, with Tola Mobile providing the billing solution – a seamless transfer of funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers in Africa. We are extremely happy with the level of service and digital offering; without Tola we would not have a business.

– Darren Glover, Mkekabet

Lotto Kenya is the leading lottery operator in Kenya and recently had a $1 million lotto winner – the biggest ever in Central and East Africa. Tola has greatly assisted us to get to this position in the market.

– Martin Quinlan, Lotto Kenya

Tola Wallet

Expand your customer base with Tola Wallet.