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APA Insurance Streamlines

Premium Payments & Claim Payouts with Tola Wallet

APA Insurance has partnered with the Kenyan government to provide cover to farmers, helping encourage agriculture by protecting against low crop yields.

The premium is calculated based on metrics like acreage. Farmers pay 50% of it, and the government covers the remaining 50%. After the harvest, farmers whose yield is below par can claim compensation under their policy.


Across 43 Kenyan counties, 1.84 million farm households don’t have bank accounts or credit cards, making it difficult for them to pay premiums or receive payouts using traditional means. However, they do have mobile phones, so APA wanted to offer mobile payments to connect with these customers.

The e-wallet solution needed to integrate easily with network operators in multiple African countries, as well as with APA’s own systems. It had to include SMS messaging capabilities to make customer communication easy. And it needed to have a simple way of managing bulk disbursements, so the scheme would be manageable from an administrative perspective.

APA Insurance at a Glance

Goal Reach 1.84 million more unbanked customers by offering mobile payments
Tola Wallet Solution
  • USSD integration
  • SMS policy application, premium payment and claims requests
  • Simple API for processing individual payments and bulk disbursements
  • Streamlined integration with all network operators and internal systems
  • Up to 83% reduction in the cost of serving customers
  • Faster processes for applying for policies, paying premiums and managing payouts
  • Easier for customers to communicate with APA
  • More operational automation for increased efficiency
  • Complete payment traceability


We helped APA Insurance implement Tola Wallet, our e-wallet solution with USSD integration and SMS messaging capabilities

Customers can now apply for a policy by texting relevant personal data to APA. Then, to pay their premiums securely, they simply type in a one-time PIN they get via SMS. They can file a claim by SMS and receive their compensation to their mobile wallet. They can also query their policy status, check their premium balance and give feedback in real time.

With our simple API, we managed integration with all mobile network operators, banks and APA’s own systems. The entire process is now automated, eliminating manual effort across the customer journey from on-boarding and premium collection to claim management and disbursements.

This diagram illustrates this automation by showing the streamlined process for premium payments.

Spotlight On: Automated Premium Payment Processing

  1. Customer pays via their mobile phone, using funds in a mobile wallet or bank account
  2. Payment notification goes via the network operator to the Tola Hub
  3. APA receives the payment and credits the customer’s account
  4. APA sends the payment status to Tola
  5. Tola pushes the payment status to the customer
  6. Customer receives an SMS with the payment status


APA is no longer limited by manpower, with field agents going to farmers and farmers then having to visit branches and wait for forms to process manually. There’s a seamless and secure connection between network operators, Tola Wallet and APA’s systems, so payments and disbursements process automatically with full traceability.

At the same time, customers get a superior service. There are fewer barriers to policy application because they can do it instantly by mobile – plus they get SMS confirmation if their application is successful, so there’s less waiting and uncertainty. Because it’s easy to send and receive funds, farmers can start drawing part of their policy immediately if they need access to insurance for their farm produce urgently. And they can top up their cover by text without signing additional paperwork and with minimal admin on APA’s part.

As a result, Tola Wallet helps APA scale easily and manage costs – we estimate the cost of US$30 to serve a customer at a branch, whereas with the mobile solution it falls to US$5-10. And APA benefits from these savings while fostering stronger customer relationships and contributing to local economies.


“We chose Tola Wallet because it offered a convenient and competitively priced way for customers to pay premiums and receive claim payments by mobile. We look forward to using the platform to enable easy and timely payments and effectively manage the premium and claims processes.”

Saagar Khimasia - Business Solutions Manager, Apollo Group, APA Insurance