Mkakabet sports betting

Tola Accelerates Time to Market

and Simplifies Management for Tanzanian Sports Betting Company

Mkekabet is an online sports betting company operating in Tanzania. All customer payments are by mobile, so an efficient mobile payment solution is crucial to the business’ success.


Tanzania has 3 major mobile network operators, but Mkekabet wanted to manage all mobile payments through a single solution instead of having separate APIs for each MNO. It needed to implement the solution quickly because the business was growing so fast, and it needed to be scalable to accommodate international expansion with different MNOs.


Mkakabet chose Tola Wallet because it connects with all MNOs and delivers a quick integration. We also dealt directly with the MNOs on the company’s behalf to save staff time and get new products to market rapidly.

Having a single point of contact through Tola makes ongoing management easy while ensuring that any issues with one MNO don’t affect the service customers on other networks receive.

As a result, Mkakabet has a single, stable mobile payment platform that allows staff to track all deposits and withdrawals – and ensures customers enjoy a seamless experience.

“Mkekabet offers real-time interactive betting, with Tola Mobile providing the billing solution – a seamless transfer of funds between merchants and mobile wallet subscribers in Africa. We are extremely happy with the level of service and digital offering; without Tola we would not have a business.

If you wish to have both lodgement and disbursement methods of payments through mobile money, Tola ensures a smooth process. They get what could be a major headache dealing with multiple suppliers out of the way very quickly, enabling any company to focus on the rest of their business priorities.”

Darren Glover, Mkekabet