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Give customers a seamless direct carrier billing experience

Tola MobilePay allows customers to pay for goods and services online using their mobile phone - direct carrier billing.

When they reach your payment screen, they simply enter their mobile number to receive a PIN via SMS. They enter the PIN and then the charge appears on their mobile phone bill. There’s no need to enter cumbersome credit card details or billing addresses, and no redirections away from your website or app – customers stay on your site and everything stays in your branding. You receive the money seamlessly through the Tola integration with mobile network operators.

It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to improve the customer experience and reduce the hassle associated with processing payments.

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Increasing ARPU - Mobilepay, payment processing solution


Customers pay directly on your website with no redirections, pop-ups or hosted payment pages, so they buy more easily and you retain control.

Direct Carrier Billing security - Mobilepay, SMS


Tola MobilePay reduces the risk of fraud with robust verification – customers receive an SMS with a one-time PIN when they check out.

Mobilepay - Robust security for consumers


With Tola, you streamline the customer journey and have seamless integration between merchants and mobile network operators.

How It Works


Direct billing API USSD integration - mobile payment, Tola Mobilepay

Direct Billing API

The API integrates with your site and mobile network operators. Customers get a faster checkout process and better experience, merchants boost conversion rates, and MNOs build loyalty.

Real time verification - mobile payments, mobilepay, Tola Mobile

Real-time Verification

With credit card payments, customers have to enter the number, expiry date, CCV2 and billing address, and then go through the 3D secure process. With Tola MobilePay, customers get an SMS with a 4-digit PIN.

E Money licence - mobile payment,, mobilepay

E-Money Licensed

We’re one of the few mobile payment providers that’s an FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution, meaning you get approved payment services without having to partner with a traditional bank.

Mobile payment - Performance and scalability

Performance & Scalability

Tola technology has processed more than 100 million transactions worldwide and handles millions of messages each day. Our reliable, flexible and secure data centre services ensure continuous operation.

Tailored solution - mobile payment, API integration, Mobilepay

Tailored Solution

Tola MobilePay isn’t one size fits all – you get a solution that meets your specific customer and business needs. Then we take care of all the onboarding, including coordinating with mobile network operators on your behalf.

Dedicated customer service - mobile payments - pay by mobile, pay with mobile phone credit

Dedicated Customer Service

Our support team manages all customer queries for you – 24/7/365. Customers can also see a complete breakdown of all their spending by logging into the Tola consumer portal.

The Tola team have a very in-depth knowledge of mobile payments and are very easy to engage with during the different integration phases. We look forward to working with Tola as we continue to enhance our mobile commerce product development and the billing options available to our customers.

E-Money licence, psd2 understanding the impact, e money, emoney, EMoney

E-Money Licence

Learn more about Tola’s E-Money Licence which has been passported to United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and France.